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How can I get my child signed up?+Please see print and fill out our Participant Agreement Application form on our Downloads page. Once you have it all filled out and signed, you can submit it in person or you can scan it and email it to us in PDF format. Do you take insurance?+Unfortunately we do not take any insurance. Please see our Scholarship application located on our Downloads page. What will my child do during a lesson?+During a lesson your child's PATH certified instructor will create a lesson with wide range of different activities that are specific to your child's needs. They will adapt games, skills, and riding techniques based on your child individually in a way that best suits their learning process that will help them learn to ride as well as other skills to use in other aspects of everyday life situations. How old does my child have to be to participate?+There is no specifc age range for participants. Participation in our program is based on the individuals specific needs rather than age requirement. What happens if I ( or my child) has to miss a lesson,or if we arrive late?+If you or your child will not be able to attend the lesson, we request that you provide us 2 hours notification so that we can contact our volunteers timely. We encourage our riders to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson. We will accommodate the rider's remaining time if they are less than 15 minutes late. However, arriving 15 or more minutes late for your lesson results in loss of the lesson. In any of the scenarios the full cost of the lesson is charged. How should I or my child dress for a lesson?+Long pants and closed-toe shoes will give you the most comfort and safety during your lesson. Also remember to dress according to the weather, gloves or mittens, hats, jackets in the colder months. Can I wear my own bike helmet?+When you are around or on a horse you will need to wear an ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet. Althelas will provide the helmet. You cannot wear your own bike, motorcycle or ski helmet.