Children’s Music

Vocal Music for Children

Sing-a-long and silly songs for children, with corresponding sheet music in piano!

Click on the title to preview the sheet music.

Collection download for Sing-A-Long Collections
Collection 1: Ice Cream Cone, Animal Boogie, Echo Canyon, General Store, Grandpa’s Pond, Granny’s Stew, Heidi-Ho at the Horse Show, There’s a Worm in My Apple.

Collection 2: Fairy Tales, I Like Teddy Bears, It’s a Dragon, Mama Doesn’t Need It Noisy When She’s Driving, Moo Moo Goes the Cow, What Do They Eat?, Buckle Your Seat Belt, Where do Animals Live?

For a single price these downloads come with authorization to copy the sheet music with guitar chords, and Sing-A-Long booklets of words to accompany the songs and, coming soon attached MP3 accompaniment files!

Ring and Sing Collection

Ring and Sing Smile SampleDownload
I Saw a Little Leprechaun

Greeting Song

Coming Soon!
When You Sing a Song

Sing Along Collections 1Below
Sing Along Collections 2Below
Animal Boogie

Buckle Your Seat Belt

Echo Canyon

Fairy Tales

General Store

Grandpa's Pond

Heidi Ho at the Horse Show

Ice Cream Cone

I Like Teddy Bears
It's A Dragon

My Granny's Stew
Momma Doesn't Need it Noisy When She's Driving

Moo, Moo, Goes the Cow


Collection Only
There's a Worm in My Apple

Where Do Animals Live?

What Do They Eat?

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