Let’s Play A Game!

Easy, simple games for children to encouraged creativity and learning that they can color and help put together. Illustrated by Donna Colson.

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General Directions Explains necessary materials and idea behind the games.Download
Good FoodGuess what food group each tasty and nutritious food is in.Download
Fishing For Letters A board-game about learning the letters of the alphabet through fishing.Download
Flight to ParisLearn about shapes through this board-game of trying to get to Paris.Download
FriendshipA fun way to encourage children to make friends and be nice!Download
Race to the Moon A fun board-game to help you learn about numbers as you race to the moon.Download
Prehistoric Adventure Learn about numbers through this dinosaur board-game.Download
What Am I A fun matching game with animals!Download
Let's Race! Pick a card and do a fun activity to race around the board!Download

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