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Child with Learning Through Music Cutouts Byron Had fun making a dinosaur diorama with the skill page from Learning through Music “Dinosaur Times” Skill Page. Children Love “Learning Through Music” songs and music activities!

Learning Through Music packets; including MP3 files, and  corresponding activity sheets!
Piano: Ye Elders of Israel, I Stand All Amazed, I Like Teddy Bears.
Choral: Fathers Are So Special. A great song for Father’s Day!
Special Offer
$.50 songs! Back by popular demand: The Lady Bug song. Including easy play Piano 1.
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We offer many free downloads of sheet music, and recorded children’s songs with activity sheets to help your young children learn through music! Feel free to browse our music selections including piano pieces for levels primer-four, choral pieces, games and learning activities, awards for children, and even a child’s cookbook and coloring book!

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Music Minute! Want to know some fun facts about the composing of some of these pieces? Click here!

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SoS Teaching Tips
This is an easy way to keep track of student payments for a small studio, or neighborhood music teacher.
Just keep this handy on a clip board by a payment box where you teach. Some teachers charge by the lesson, but I prefer a monthly fee due at the beginning of the month. Just check off the monthly box after payment is made. Make clear your payment policy when your students begin, or at the beginning of each teaching year. I use printed reminders on occasion, but mostly email.
A small neighborhood studio can be well organized which avoids frustration for both teacher and parent.
Make your policy and give it out to parents when students begin.
Music Ledgers: Download Payment Receipts: Download
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