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A simple and engaging way to motivate practice of pieces and skills, bingo charts for various levels of learners. Earn bingo slots for learning new scales, dynamics of a piece, fingering, or make your own accomplishments to work for! Keep your students accountable and excited to rehearse! Check them out here.

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A fun exercise for your fingers, Cadence Crunches Levels 2 and 3.
Also a charming song for beginners, I’m a Little Penguin

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Choral Walk in the Light Unison
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Come Along It’s Parade Time Ribbon Stick routine, Stand for the Right Ribbon Stick routine
My Own Cook Book Caterpillar-K-Bobs, My Own Cook Book Munch Man Demo, and Byron Makes a Cheese Munch Man

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Music Minute! Want to know some fun facts about the composing of some of these pieces? Click here!

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SoS Teaching Tips
It’s the Constitution
Teach children about the USA Constitution with this fun MP3 and lyric posters!

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