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TheĀ originalĀ music of Pamela Sortomme

We are devoted to bringing the joy of music closer to you with fun original sheet music, MP3′s, activities, and more!

Check back monthly for new music updates! APRIL FOOLS! Updates for April are already out! Two new MP3′s! How’s the Weather, and The Pick-up Game! Also, all MP3′s are just 33 cents until May! Piano: A Sunny Day! A new cookbook page and game are also out! Special Offer $.50 songs! Truckin’ Down the Road, Skunk in the Road

We offer many free downloads of sheet music, and recorded children’s songs with activity sheets to help your young children learn through music! Feel free to browse our music selections including piano pieces for levels primer-four, choral pieces, games and learning activities, awards for children, and even a child’s cookbook and coloring book!

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Music Minute! Want to know some fun facts about the composing of some of these pieces? Click here!

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