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Singing Smores song while camping Gathering around the campfire is extra fun when you can sing our new S’mores song together. It is included in each Sing Along Packet. Don’t wait! Get your download for a special price of $3.50 August and September only.

* Sounds of Christmas Primer, Level 1, 2, 3.
* Sounds of Piano Primer.
* S’mores free bonus song when you purchase either sing along collections–on sale for a limited time only, $3.50!
Piano: It Is Halloween Sheet Music
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We offer many free downloads of sheet music, and recorded children’s songs with activity sheets to help your young children learn through music! Feel free to browse our music selections including piano pieces for levels primer-four, choral pieces, games and learning activities, awards for children, and even a child’s cookbook and coloring book!

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Music Minute! Want to know some fun facts about the composing of some of these pieces? Click here!

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SoS Teaching Tips

September: Music Note Finder

This handy note finder is a great reference for beginning students to keep at the piano. It’s so easy to use. See the download.
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