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Child with Learning Through Music Cutouts Here is a fun way to celebrate March with “I Saw a Little Leprechaun”
Skill sheet and Activity Pattern from Learning through Music Seasons
and Holidays. It comes with an MP3 for the song that’s fun to do a jig
to or just sing along with.

Learning Through Music packets; including MP3 files, and  corresponding activity sheets!
Piano: Lucky Larry Leprechaun, Church Bells, I Stand All Amazed
Choral: I Saw a Little Leprechaun Children’s choral.
Special Offer
$.50 songs! I Saw a Little Leprechaun MP3 and Piano Level 1!
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We offer many free downloads of sheet music, and recorded children’s songs with activity sheets to help your young children learn through music! Feel free to browse our music selections including piano pieces for levels primer-four, choral pieces, games and learning activities, awards for children, and even a child’s cookbook and coloring book!

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Music Minute! Want to know some fun facts about the composing of some of these pieces? Click here!

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SoS Teaching Tips
Practice Perfect.
Students need to be taught how to practice perfect. Most students just want to play a song even if they don’t know it first. The words “SLOW DOWN” are familiar to most music teachers. It can help to explain that we are teaching our fingers the song and that we have to give the muscles lots of practice before they have the “muscle memory” to always play the song correctly.
If we can play a piece well slowly than we can play correctly when we speed up to the tempo the piece is to be performed at.
A good test at how proficient a student is on a piece is to listen to the first time the piece is played. That’s the average. If there are lots of mistakes and it is only played well after several attempts, then the piece is not finished.
Try this free handout I use for my students to teach them how to practice.
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