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Piano: In the Leafy Tree Tops, Onward Christian Soldiers, Nearer My God to Thee, I Am Special
Choral: The Wise Men Men, boys, and flute accompaniment. Little Jesus, Precious Savior.
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SoS Teaching Tips
Marking music with students

I tell my students that ” Making music is a piece of cake!” I use colored highlighters:
Pink and yellow - the cake : you want to have a tasty cake!
Blue- the frosting : frosting makes every cake taste even better!
Green- the decorations make the frosted cake look and Awesome!
Pink and yellow highlighters for notes: sharps, flats, accidentals, repeat signs, and markings note related.
I use yellow to mark the rests if the student is forgetting to play them.
Blue highlighters are for phrasing markings such as 8 VA, pedal markings, tempos and tempo changes, and articulation markings, such as
staccatos, fermatas etc.
Green highlighters are for all dynamic markings, p, mp, mf, f ff, crescendo, dimuendo etc.
I have the students make the music themselves , with my supervision (White Out is helpful for mistakes). This makes learning more effective than if I do it for them. By having them physically mark music it engages their attention and focus on learning and recognizing the
notes, key signatures, and markings in the music. It also creates a stronger memory. Plus it is really fun! Have you ever met a student who didn’t like to color on their assignment? Try it the students really enjoy this process.
Use this method on Changing Lanes-Primer, Rachel Has the Blues-Level 1, Crazy Song- Level 2, Gypsy Dance,-Level 3, It came to Pass- Level 4, and Banana Peel Blues- Intermediate piano pieces as well as any other music.
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