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Sounds of Sortomme’s Teaching Tips

Check back monthly for new tips on how to use our music to better your students’ experiences!

Play It GameAn easy to put together flash card game for reviewing
music and exercises. Use it with piano students, music students and
Snow is FallingUsing music and the templates provided, here is a fun way to teach and strengthen skills to match snowflake halves with this easy-to-make game. Download
In My Stocking Visual AidVisual aids will make teaching this fun and easy song a snap. Use this free download for visual aids to help teach the song and to make a stocking stick puppet for each child to use when singing. Download
Find The Note WorksheetUse these three worksheets to help beginning students identify the notes on a keyboard. Use one at a time at separate lessons and also as a review later to help student learn and retain the position of the notes on the keyboard.Download
Find the Note GameThis is a great game to interest motivate young musicians to learn the notes and keys of the piano. Use this to begin or end a lesson.Download
Keyboard Note FinderThis handy note finder is a great reference for beginning students to keep at the piano. It’s so easy to use. See the download below.Download
Music OutlineThese pages are a great tool to use for student lessons and provide at a glance for parents and students alike, what the assignment is for each student. Use the half page version by printing and cutting pages in half.Download
Wrist up for the PrizeA game to encourage good wrist and hand posture at the keyboard in a fun way. The coin will only stay on the wrist if the wrist stays flat as the piano is played.Download
Candy Key GameThis fun yet educational game is a great way to help students learn and remember the key names and end a lesson. Not only can it be used with beginner students, it’s a good way to help progressing students identify sharps or flats.Download
Payment Receipts and LedgersJust keep this handy on a clipboard by a payment box where you teach. Some teachers charge by the lesson, but I prefer a monthly fee due at the beginning of the month. Just check off the monthly box after payment is made.Music Ledgers: Download
Payment Receipts: Download
Visual AidsStudent art can be used to engage participation, though that will take additional preparation time. If using student art, give the students the materials to use to encourage uniform size.Visual Aid Picture
Practice PerfectMost students just want to play a song even if they don’t know it first.  The words “SLOW DOWN” are familiar to most music teachers.  It can help to explain that we are teaching our fingers the song and that we have to give the muscles lots of practice before they have the “muscle memory” to always play the song correctly.Download
Recital Themes! Example: Let's Take a Road TripThemed recitals and concerts are fun! Music, decorations, simple props (where appropriate), programs and refreshments (if you have them) that fit the theme enhance the program experience and often create a higher level of enthusiasm with the students. First choose your theme with the music in mind.Let's Take a Road Trip
Making Music is a Piece of CakeHave your students mark their music with colored highlighters to understand different parts of music like notes, sharps, and dynamic markings.Download
Turkey TroubleEasy to make with 1/2 dowels cut 12", sand ends and use colored tape to candy stripe for a fun look. Point and count while having the student tap the rhythm with the rhythm sticks!
Christmas SnacksNeed a treat for Christmas recitals or parties? “My Own Cookbook” has an easy nutritious Christmas tree recipe. This is also a great activity for children to enjoy making with ingredients parents approve. Check our Face Book page for more suggestions.
The Crooked Candy CaneMake an easy prop to use when singing "The Crooked Candy Cane" by cutting out a large candy cane from white poster board. Paint the stripes red. You can also attach a copy of the lyrics to the back if desired.
Autumn LeavesUse these posters to teach the song "Autumn Leaves "Download
It's the ConstitutionPosters and song about the USA ConstitutionDownload
Little Finger ScalesLittle finger 5 Note Scales introduce beginner Pianists to scales and the key signatures.Download
Noteworthy Reward PianosPrintable pianos to tape onto rewards for students.Download
S'mores visualsPrintable sheet music and visual aids for the S'mores songDownload

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