Music Minute

Music Minute

Fun random facts about the composition of some of these pieces!

“Cats and Dogs”:

One of my students brought the music of “Cats and Dogs” to his lesson. The song title looked like it had been chewed off. When asked about it he replied that his dog ate his music! His mother confirmed his story!


My daughter Heather was four years old when she recorded “Butterfly” which was written as a lullaby for her. She was very shy and sat under a table in the recording studio as she sang the song.

“Thunder Lizard”:

was written for my son Phillip when he was 9 or 10. He liked dinosaurs and proudly played this as one of his National Guild piano pieces.

“I Know My Savior Loves Me”:

was written after asking a number of children how that knew that Jesus loved them. I was playing the piano for the children in church and during the prelude music I just started to play the music. I jotted down the notes, intervals, and rhythm on a borrowed piece of paper. Later I took their responses and pondered and prayed about them. One morning I awakened at 4 AM ( I am not usually a morning person) with the song in my mind. I immediately got up and wrote down the words. So I picked up my notes for the music and words and took to my computer. That morning the song was finished. The words matched the music almost perfectly. There was very little that I had to edit. The children really enjoyed singing in their program. They liked it so well it was also used the next year in the program.

My Own Cook Book:

was developed when I was teaching my young children cook and help make their own snacks. As little ones love to help in the kitchen we made all the recipes often. The color pages gave them an opportunity to make it their own book, hence the title” My Own Cook Book”

The Wise Men

In the song The wise Men, the last note played by the piano is the lowest note on the keyboard!

Penguins on Parade

Penguins on Parade was written for a student recital. The inspiration? My youngest daughter who loves and collects everything penguin! She even pet penguins at Sea World’s Penguin Experience!